Another Tale of Two Cities - A gripping tale of a struggle for survival. Based in 15th century Cambodia. A story of love and tragedy.


அம்மா - Music CD of 8 songs penned by Aani

எந்தையும் நானே - Tamil version of I am the Lord

அங்கஹாரம்-Tamil version of Another Tale of Two Cities

I am the Lord am the Lord - A novel about the sordid world of religious conversions and exploitation. An enquiry into religion and spirituality.

bRAINBOW - A puslating novel about a woman's quest to stay independent.

Painted Surgeon - Exciting fightback. Did he survive?

விந்தையாய் விரியுதடி - Anthology of 80 poems in Tamil written over many years

Riding with Ravan - Retrograde science fiction

In Search of Paradise- Medicine is their religion, patient their God?