A surgeon with the unique experience of working in six countries over four continents, Dr Anantha Ramanathan has had the rare opportunity of interacting with people from nearly a hundred countries. This exposure to different cultures is reflected in his writings. He writes under the penname Ezhuth Aani which means a pen. A deep yearning for social justice, inclusiveness and equality as well as celebration of the written word are the guiding principles in Ezhuth's creations.

A pen is mightier than a scalpel. A person who wields a knife can influence only one life at a time. A quill can touch many.

Having published an anthology of poems in Tamil in 2013, Ezhuth soon followed this with two novels in Tamil, In English Ezhuth has published I am the Lord, Another Tale of Two Cities, and bRAINBOW. His fourth novel, Riding with Ravan is coming out on March 25 2021. Another two completed manuscripts await publication. Ezhuth is working on the next novel.